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I am a big fan of JioFi WiFi router. If you have used the JioFi Router, the you will be. I am here to post everything you need to know about jiofi.local.html, the router admin dashboard login. You can access the JioFi all routers admin panel and you can change or customize that you want accordingly like JioFi local html password change, username/SSID change, storage access, Changing WiFi settings etc.

We are here showing you the pictorial instruction that all need to know about http://jiofi.local.html admin dashboard management. If you have any queries related to the post, then you can ask via comment box.

What is Jiofi.local.html? is the local ip address of the JioFi WiFi router to access the admin area of the router. By accessing the admin panel, we can manage everything that related with the JioFi router. There are different models of JioFi devices available on market, and all the devices can be managed by using this local ip address http://jiofi.local.html/ or

In short, Jiofi.local.html is the ip address to system login and managing everything related to.

How To Connect JioFi Device with Your PC

To login to jiofi router admin, first you need to get connect your JioFi device with the system Via WiFi. To connect, Insert a Jio SIM on the sim slot of the device, and turn on device. Before you insert the SIM card on the slot, you want to note the SSID and Password of the specific device. After inserting Jio SIM, Turn on the device and Turn on WiFi on your PC or mobile phone. In the SSID and Password.

JioFi Device SSID and password
Note SSID and password of JioFi device
connect jiofi with pc
in the SSID and password, give them and connect

Now you have connected a JioFi device and a Personal computer Via WiFi, using the SSID and password provided on the back side of the device. By connecting only we can access the JioFi admin panel. Connecting to WiFi is different in different versions of Windows OSs. So connect to WiFi to JioFi generating Wifi accordingly.

Now we want to Login JioFi Router admin Section.

How To Login To jiofi.local.html?

Now we need to login to the admin of Jio WiFi router.

For this, Just open any of the web browser, and in the address bar just type JioFi host name http://jiofi.local.html or Host ip, and then press the enter button.

You will get a welcome page there, and the top right corner of the page, you can see “login” option to login to the admin page of the JioFi Device. Just click on and a pop up window will come to enter username and password.


By default there is same parameter for both username and password of the login credential. Give the username and password.

Username: administrator

password: administrator

Now enter the login Button, and redirect to the admin dashboard of JioFi Device. There are various tabs are available to customize various options related to jiofi local html like connection, WiFi, settings, LAN etc.

How To Change JioFi.Local.Html Username And Password

Here we are going to learn to change jiofi.local.html username and password to secure our network.

Why we need to change jiofi router username and password?. Because since the username and password of the device is giving in the body of the device, there is maximum possibility to get the credential for a third party and thus used by them. And by editing and changing JioFi SSID and Password, we can ensure the protection of our network.

It is very easy to change JioFi.local.html SSID and security key. Now you are logged in to the admin page. Select “settings” tab from the top menu, and “WiFi” from the left side menu. Now you will Get a window. On the window of wifi settings, you can see “SSID” and “security key (Password)” two options. Now edit those fields as your desired SSID and Security key, and then click on “apply” button on the bottom side to make changes. It is advisable to update jiofi firmware software to manage JioFi admin dashboard easily.

change jiofi.local.html username and password

Now you have successfully changed the username and password of jiofi router. Now your network is more secure than setting up the default username and password.

Why JioFi Is Best? JioFi Device Features

  • You can enjoy high speed data in 4G speed, which is better than traditional broadband connection.
  • You can connect U to 10 devices with the WiFi network of JioFi device.
  • Download speed of up to 150 Mbps and Upload speed up to 50 Mbps.
  • You can make HD video and voice calls using JioCall app with low end smartphones like 2G/3G smartphones.
  • You can connect WiFi devices such as smartphones, Tablets, laptop and smart Tvs.

JioFi Device Technical Specifications

SD Card SlotAvailable
SIM SlotMicro SIM
DimensionsWidth 55 mm, Height 16 mm
Power SupplyAC: 100-240V; DC: 5V&1A
USB Port

How To Access Micro SD Card Slot on JioFi Device

Jiofi device can be used as a storage location using the SD card slot features on it. The users can insert SD card on the slot provided on the device, just beneath the SIM slot of the device. Using the slot, users can store medias and transfer them Via the device and your computer. Here is the steps to access Micr SD card slot on JioFi Device using the jiofi.local.html ip address.

  1. Insert an SD card on the slot provided on the device.
  2. Now Just turn on the device, and connect with your computer using WiFi.
  3. Open any web browser and enter http://jiofi.local.html/index.html, and go to the address.
  4. And login with default username and password as “administrator”
  5. Once you are logged in to the admin dashboard, go to Settings > Storage and select the following settings:
  6. Storage Account: Enable
  7. Set storage Username and password as your wish
  8. Storage Mode: WiFi Storage

Now you have successfully configured the Midcro SD card access, and how you can access Via wifi? For this, open any web browser and enter the address http://jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html, and then access the storage on the JioFi device.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re having trouble finding that site, when entering http://jiofi.local.html on web browser?

This is because you are not connected your JioFi Device with the PC using a WiFi. First connect and then proceed.

How To Check signal strength on JioFi Device?

There is indication on the device itself on the body of device. In the signal bar, you can see the green light when the signal strength is very good. And in blue color if have average strength, and in red color for weak signal.

How To Increase Connection Speed?

Check you are using the perfect apn, which is jio apn, and make sure set “jionet” as jio apn in the admin section Jiofi.local.html of the device.


Now we are about to conclude the post, here i have covered the default admin panel settings customisations such as changing username and password of jiofi.local.html, user management, SD card access, LAN, WPS and advanced settings. If you have like the post, then please share the post on Social Media.