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Google OnHub WiFi Router – Perfect Way To Connect High Speed Data

Google OnHub, Cylindrical shaped WiFi device is now ruling the WiFi market. Since the product is from google, and should have high trust. Here is read the overview of Google OnHub WiFi router.

The name for this wi fi router google product is Google OnHub. This is a cylindrican shaped device which only costs $199.99 only. Yes it is definitely like a Tea cup.

For the fastest connection, the router has set up with an in-built antenna that scan airwaves for spot connection. This will be advantage over any other function or feature. Yes, google OnHub, the new way to wi fi.
Google has contracted with TP-LINK global leading manufacturer of network related product. So We are getting high trust on OnHub.

Features of google OnHub

Power efficiency

Apart form Wifi, OnHub is also supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 801.15.4(zigbee). You will know the advantage of bluetooth functionality as we are always get touch with these technology in ways like Bluetooth headphone, keyboard, and mice for wire free usage. Yes, OnHub also came up with latest Bluetooth technology version 4.0. The main advantage of using the Bluetooth version 4.0 is as it uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) , which powers high performance even when low power. So the Bluetooth 4.0 uses in tiny Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth watches which uses tiny batteries to operates. So OnHub google wifi router is power efficient.

There are so many devices that can be able to create a wifi network around the city, mall, shops etc and so many Wi-Fi public spaces where the users can be able to connect. The reliance Jio have their public WiFi access for the users with the help of jionet app to connect to the hotspot with smartphone. Google onhub is the specifically designed to create WiFi network, so the small scale business owners can be able to be present online visibility all the time. The business can elaborate their customers by providing the free internet for them.

Storage space

OnHub Wifi router gives its uses a plenty of storage space for updates of softwares. It gives 4 GB storage which is highly helpful in the software updates and other features. There is no worries about limited space.

Latest Technology Used

Yes, foreseeing google for next generation updates. The users can use the same router when next generation technologies comes such as Bluetooth smart ready, weaves and 802.15.4. So a lot of smart devices will be compatible with OnHub.

Google OnHub used the IEEE technology 802.15.4, so what will be the advantage of using this technology? Let’s check.

IEEE 802.15.4 is a standard for wireless communication. As google onhub is a wireless wi fi router. this standard allows the device to boost up the wireless communication from device to device connected under the router. This allows very faster communication. It has built in error checking features for error free connection. It supports communication with multiple devices.
it is very cost effective and free from wired network.

Easy Set Up

Google launched an application for helping configuration of google onhub wi fi router. The application can be available to download in coming weeks. It will be compatible with devices running Android 4 and up or iOS 7 and up.


OnHub ensures you a fast wifi with a speed of 1900Mbps and supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. Result is what? High speed data access!.

Also as it uses IEEE 802.15.4 standards it get connected quickly. I think, it will perform upto a speed of a simple broadband speed.

Zigbee powered by IEEE 802.15.4, for LAN

OnHub is built with Zigbee powered by IEEE 802.15.4 technology standard which gives us low power consumption to save energy and usable in a maximum distance 10 to 100 meters. So we can say OnHub is a Zigbee device. Enjoy internet even when long distance. we can save energy by using google onhub wifi router. This is an economic advantage of onhub.

Security always for network

OnHub system software always do well for performance. Yes, the software is always adopt updation for security which keeps your network safe always.

Uninterrupted connection when updating

OnHub software always updating by google. Google always give surety that you are not interrupted even you are about software updates.

Here is i pointed out some features and advantages of google onhub wi fi router. Over all it is a revolutionary product or device from google they ever launched. also very cost effective. Let’s be revolution with google.

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