LiFi technology

LiFi WireLess Technology – All You Need To Know

As headline says,(LiFi) expanded to light fidelity is technology that is going to carry and moves the wireless communication system to long way in coming generation. It is bi-directional, fully networked wireless technology same as what we have used till now in wi-fi. Here just mentioned like wi-fi, only to understand about LiFi, But as usual when the evolution of a new technology always gives human being more than that on currently using technology. Let’s understand the basics of Li-Fi technology.

Man Behind LiFi

There is always curious to know about the man who is behind the evolution of new technology. Here behind the LiFi, the profession Herald Haas. He is a multi-talented personality from vienna, austria. He molded his expertise in various area. He is software developer, politician and the founder of pirate party of austria. He just 25 years old guy who are going to set the founder of this great technology and thus approved by the whole world.

Various techniques used behind LiFi

Herald has uses different techniques to evolve the li-fi wireless communication system. It Uses visible light communication system, infrared, ultraviolet radiation system and optical wireless system to develop this technology.

Li-Fi uses the protocol 802.11 which is also used in wi-fi communication system and the difference is that li-fi uses visible light communication and not radio frequency. The advantage of using the visible light communication over radio frequency is that visible light has more band width than radio waves, think, which is the key idea behind the technology. As wider bandwidth, accessing the information takes little bit time frame. So obviously speed increases.

Principle Behind LiFi technology

As we first say, this is fully networked system. So to generate a network, there should be a medium which is generated by optical wireless system from a light emitting diode (LED). So there is LED used in this system to create a medium. By using the optical wireless system, it is highly bandwidth, high mobility on medium and very super fast. Light has higher bandwidth, the light is even dimmed below human visibility, this light waves are used to carry the data in Light Fidelity technology. I think, you got the basic idea behind this technique. But there is one of the powerful wifi router has been introduced in inda by reliance group chairman mukesh ambani the wifi router is jiofi which has a great value in india now itself. And now they are starting their own business in broadband service called jio broadband or jio fiber for maximum explosure.

Also the light wave does not have penetrating power and less range, so there is the high range of security for data. So Li-Fi gives us high data security than wi-fi technology. So we can assume that in Li-Fi Technology, there is low chance of getting hacked our data. This is one of the great importance and advantage of li-fi over wi-fi. So just imagine, how this world changes from low security wi-fi to high secure li-fi. A lot of companies and educational institutions still facing the problem of hacking.

Li-Fi ensures the speed of hundred times faster than currently using system wi-fi. All the technology set to make breakthrough in the field of wireless communication system.

Just access the more about the lifi wireless communication system in their official website

The one of the important features that have to be focused on the new technology over the existing one is that its key features. Here LiFi aims at the higher speed than currently using system. So better bandwidth is here in this case. Yes, Li-Fi provides higher bandwidth than wifi, and which is the key features of li-fi wireless system.

And also data density is higher than wi-fi since it uses the light waves in order to carry the data. So Li-Fi ensures high data density, which measures 1000 times more than wi-fi.

next look on how it give high speed. yes, because of lower interference nature of light waves and high bandwidth. it is sure to give higher speed.

And Li-Fi is economically very attractive. Yes, the cost of getting the technology is very low since components used to in this is low.

Also to get it work on, the energy consumption is very low. Without all of these stunning features, it gives higher security since it uses the light waves,and it cannot penetrate through wall.

Over all we are getting a good technology which gives, higher speed, control, security, economic technology in wireless communication. We should all thank to the young herald has who invented the technology, and this is going to lead wireless communication system.

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