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How To Update JioFi Firmware To Latest Version

If you are really want to enjoy the high speed internet on JioFi WiFi router?, then you need to be keep update the some of the technical feasibility on your JioFi portable hotspot modem. You have to upgrade or update Jiofi Firmware to latest version. To ensure high speed internet on your JIoFi2 or JioFi 3 device, then make sure upgrade JioFi firmware to the latest version. It is free to upgrade and here in this post, you will learn how to update Jiofi firmware in simple steps.

What is JioFi firmware?

JioFi firmware is the inbuilt software version that are pre-programmed when the manufacturing time of the device. The developers are frequently working on those programmes to get it much more featured. so if you are upgrading the firmware to the latest version, so that you can enjoy all those extended features along with your same old device. In short, JioFi Firmware is the software interface to manage jiofi.local.html local web admin dashbaord.

Why You Need To Update JioFi Firmware?

The current version or pre-installed version of firmware on the Jiofi2 and JioFi3 devices available in the market is PEG_M2_B20, which have some issues. The users on the Jio forum has stated that there are some issues on this device like

  • Router over heating
  • Red signal issue
  • slow speed internet
  • impossible to enter DNS manually

etc. so we will get rid of all those issues if we are upgrading the JioFi firmware to the latest version.

Before we are going to upgrade JioFi firmware, you need to be check some specific things like Latest version should be available, Battery should be charged above 50% in order to not turn off while during jiofi firmware update.

update jiofi firmware

How To Upgrade Jiofi Firmware?

  • Turn on your JioFi device which have Jio SIM inserted on and connect the JioFi device with the Personal computer.
  • Now open up any of the web browser on your PC, and in the address bar, just enter the Jiofi router admin login address as http://jiofi.local.html/index.html, and then hit enter.
  • go to the login page and enter jiofi router username and password and then login to the admin dashboard of the router. if you have previously changed the SSID and password, use that user id and password, else just enter “administrator” on both fields and enter the dashboard.
  • when you get in to the dashboard, go to settings and click on “Firmware upgrade” option from the menu.
  • Just check the latest version firmware is available by clicking on latest device software option.
  • If available, then you need to click on “browse” button under “software upgrade” and then chose the location of the connected Jiofi router where it is accessible.
  • From there select the firmware version, and then click on “apply” button to start jiofi firmware upgrade.
  • Now you have to wait till the upgrade is complete. wait , and when the download and upgrade completes, the device will reboot automatically.
  • Then in order to reset the previous settings, you need to apply hard reset your jiofi router.

Now you have successfully upgraded the JIoFi2 and 3 firmware upgarde to the latest version. you can enjoy all the extended features and bug fixed on your Jiofi device.



Jio provides all those facilities to get up to date with their latest trends and services. That is why they are always leave a loophole for the users to get their newly launched services and product upgrade. That is why JioFi router is specifically designed to use along with the small end smartphones like 2G and 3G supported to enjoy the features of 4G smartphones.

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