video call using jiofi and jio4gvoice

Video Call Using JioFi And Jio4GVoice

Using 2G/3G non-VoLTE and want to make video call using JioFi and Jio4gvoice?,Now the era of video calling with many android apps and smartphones. There are a lot of android apps are available for making video calls. The people love to video call is they can communicate as like talking very effectively as their beloved one near them. And they can see the other end so that the video chatting will be more fun. Here in this post, here is the detailed guidance on making jio video call using jio4gvoice android application by reliance jio. Here in this post, we are going to learn how to make video call using JioFi and Jio4GVoice aka JioCall application.

Make Video Call Using JioFi And Jio4GVoice

As the name of jio app is jio4gvoice, the app can also be used for video calling. The most of the jio users prefer jio4gvoice application for video conferencing than other similar application in the market like imo. The main reason behind it is the performance of the Jio4GVoice app. More over the application was designed specifically to work with the reliance jio Smartphone network.

The recommended smartphone for using jio4gvoice and all the other apps by reliance jio is the Smartphone that is 4G enabled. The jio uses VoLTE(Voice over long term evolution) to transfer the data between the caller and receiver to make jio video call. The main concept behind getting the high quality and high definition picture and voice clarity over jio video call is that the use of VoLTE in combines with jio 4g smart and powerful network. By the result you will get a noise free video call obviously.

Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of jio4gvoice application for making video call. Other than jio4gvoice you can make Jio video conferencing using the JioChat application developed by reliance Jio exclusively for their customers. Jiochat is also free to download and can be downloaded from google play store. I will share making Jio video conferencing with JioChat app in another post soon.

Note there may be some issue while Jio4GVoice offline mode enabled in some smartphones. and get out from those issues and here is the solution to fix the jio4gvoice offline or not connecting error.

Since the user interface of the jio4gvoice app is so simple, you can make Jio video call very easily.You need These for making Jio video calls.

  • 4G Enabled smartphone
  • JioFi WiFi Dvice
  • You have Jio4gvoice app installed
  • The smartphone also enabled with VoLTE
  • Headset
  • Jio smart network

Step by step for making jio video call

First you need to get connect the JioFi device along with Jio4GVoice app. Using the wifi generated from the router, connect by entering SSID and password that are given in the router body.

open your dial pad on your android smartphone.

Dial the number as you normally do a call

or find the contact from the contact list.

This is how you can dial or connect a call with Jio4GVoice application.

Tap on call button, and there will have option and select call using jio4gvoice

when you make a call using Jio4GVoice app, the call has been sent to the receiver. when the receiver receives the call.

  • Then tap the video camera icon that you can see on the interface of the Jio4GVoice app.
  • then your call turned from voice call to video call.

You have to connect a headphone to talk to the receiver for making Jio call perfect. otherwise, you need to turn on a loudspeaker. But That will lose your privacy.

After you make jio video call with jio4gvoice, the app will turn or splits into two separate boxes. one for displaying your side and that will be in a small box on your side and will be in big box in the receiver end. This is for showing your side more viewable for the receiver and vice versa.

The Jio video call can be turned in to the conference call. Connect more than 2 calls using Jio4GVoice call. The conference call will be more fun because you can connect with your beloved ones if they are at different places. This can be done very easily. When you are in one call and want to connect one more person to connect to call, then just select the contact from the contact list and call. The call will be connected immediately.

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